Auction Auto Bidder Professional v8.2.1052-TE

Description:?Why would you want to pay the same price or even more for other software that has only a small fraction of Auction Auto Bidder¡¯s features, is harder to use, or isn¡¯t reliable? Many people are switching to Auction Auto Bidder after trying the others, make the right choice now and save your money. With the 60 day satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to loose.



  • Set event notifications for items (new bids, available quantity changes, specified amount of time left, price exceeds specified amount)

  • Notifications of sellers with poor feedback or who do not accept PayPal in built in browser

  • Import watched auctions from ¡°my eBay¡±

  • Bid group support (group several auctions of an item you want, and the software will automatically attempt to win one after the other in the group until one of them is won at your maximum bid or less, and then cancels the bids on the other items in the group, this prevents you from having to wait and see if you are outbid and then find another item)

  • Built in tabbed web browser (open multiple web pages and switch between them in a single click)

  • Thumbnail photo of items shown in list to help easily recognize items without having to read titles

  • Shipping cost shown in item list

  • Favorites menu allows you to add your favorite pages such as searches, sellers, or any other webpage

  • New easier to use interactive items list with one click access to all options

  • Powerful list filter option allows you to apply one or more filters too see only the items you want (bidding, won, ended, etc. including any combination)

  • Fully supports using international eBay websites

  • Ability to leave notes for items

Release name:?Auction.Auto.Bidder.Professional.v8.2.1052-TE
Size:?2.64 MB
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